Huge thanks to our partners!

Without all of you, Rugby No Limit would be impossible, thank you for your precious support!

What is Rugby No Limit ?


It’s a tournament 50% mixed touch rugby / 50% intercity rugby challenges. The Top 14 final will be broadcasted on a giant screen (Friday), there will be 2 huge concerts, a big fancy dress party on Saturday and all the way through the weekend: pool party!

There were 1080 players in 2019, a record to beat for 2020!

Where ? And When ?


At the rugby stadium in Launaguet, 10 minutes from Toulouse.

Friday 26 June: Companies tournament + final of top 14 on a giant screen.

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28: Public tournament

Address: Stade municipal de Launaguet …

How much ?


Register quickly! 32€ per player for the first 500 registered then 38€ from the 501st registered up to 750 and finally, 42€ from the 751st up to the 1100th. Beyond that, sales will be closed.

Included in the price: personalized jersey (worth 15€) + concerts (worth 10€) + participation for the « Race No Limit » (15€) + rugby and entertainment insurance + free camping.

Register here! (When the captain creates a team, a link is sent to him so his team players can register and pay directly.) Guests are also welcome and will have access to entertainments, swimming pool and fan zone. The pass costs 15€ for the weekend (free personalised jersey)


pre-registered teams


participating countries


Trophies in play


people at the costume party

Tournament schedule

Ven 26/06/2020

All day: Reception of the teams of the Public Tournament with distribution of the packs.


16:00 : Reception of the corporate teams and distribution of the Tournament Packs.

16:30 : Kick start of tournament

20:00 : Aperitif and corporate meal

20:15 : Installation around the giant screen for the final of top 14.

22:45 : Start of the musical evening !

Sam 27/06/2020


09:00 : Packages distribution, ticket for lunch, drinks and gifts

10:00 : Start of the tournament: opening of activities, snack bar and swimming pool !

12:00 : Catering

20:00 : Aperitif, meal and concert (first part)

21:30 : Wazoo concert !

23:00 : Costume party !

Dim 28/06/2019


09:00 : Breakfast

10:00 : Resumption of tournament

12:00 : Catering

16:00 : The Final

16:20 : Awards ceremony

16:30 : Gala match

17:00 : The end of Rugby No Limit 🙁


What’s new for 2020 ?

New activities surrounding a Gallic theme in order to split the teams of Rugby No Limit. The newest addition is the “Foulée No Limit”, a 5km obstacle course organised in the town of Launaguet which ends at the No Limit Rugby facilities. This “No Limit Race” event will also be open to a different public than the players of Rugby No Limit.

Do the Rugby No Limit players participate at the race?

Yes, slots will be open to Rugby No Limit participants for the obstacle course. «No Limit Race » will be timed and will count for the general ranking of Rugby No Limit.

How many people does it take to make a team?

Approximately 7 to 12 players. If you don’t have enough players, no problem, you can play with the Barbarians Teams.

What is the 5-a-side rugby?

The 5-a-side rugby is touch rugby. It’s a new practice organized by the FFR, we tested this practice and it proved to be very cool. So we’re sharing it. Here are the rules of the game to look at before the tournament.

Is it possible to bring my own food and drinks?

You can buy snacks from food trucks at the event. Food providers use cashless payment. You can top up on the website or on the premises. It’s also possible to bring your own food as for the drink; you can bring water but no alcoholic drinks.

I’m just accompanying a team, can I come?

Yes, you just need to buy a weekend pass for 15€ which includes your jersey with your teams colours! You will have access to the swimming pool, the animations, the fan zone and the costume party. Don’t forget to book your seat and meals in advance by following the link that your team leader will give you!

I don’t have a rugby licence; can I play rugby with just insurance?

Yes, you just need to be a pre-registered so that we can insure participants for the rugby 5-a side.

Is there accommodation near Rugby No Limit?

Yes, we have set up a free camping site. Changing rooms, toilets and showers will be available free of charge. For more comfortable options, there are hotels nearby.

Is there a pharmacy or should I bring my own?

There will be a first aid station to treat injuries and equipment to deal with any problems on the field. The first aiders will not be buying miles of sticky bandages for the rugby players so you will have to plan accordingly for your usual consumption!

What if my team doesn’t have a jersey?

We offer you the « No limit » jersey in the colours of your teams providing that we have received payment and the size of the jerseys before April 25th (date of the order)

Will there be private locker rooms?

There will be changing rooms available for showering and changing but they will be open for all day use so it won’t be possible to leave all your belongings. If you have booked accommodations, you will of course be able to leave your belongings inside.

Are the teams mixed?

Yes they are! You don’t have to avoid mixing…

I want to participate but i don’t have a team

You can sign up by sending us an email at: [email protected] , some teams have a minimum number of members and will be happy to have some extra players

Is there an admission fee?

Admission is free for visitors except on Saturdays between 7pm and 11pm for the concerts.

Can I come and watch Rugby no Limit and try some activities?

Yes you can come and share a great moment with all the players and volunteers. Please note that minors will be under the responsibility of their parents and that visitors are not insured to take part in the activities.

And Saturday night, what time do we go to bed ?

The Saturday night party at Rugby No Limit has already proved its worth! More than 1000 people attended last year’s Wazoo concert and a new concert is planned for 2020. The Saturday night party is open to the public and you have to pay between 7pm and 11pm to get access to the concerts.

I signed up but I can no longer come, can I get my money back ?

Yes, provided that you request a refund before April 25th as we will have made the jersey orders. If i’’s after this date, please find a replacement to wear the team colours at No limit 2020.

We come in shorts, rugby boots and… fancy dress ?

We especially like it at the No Limit! This year’s theme is the Gauls !